Assignment 8: Planet Rails
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1. Planet Rails

Note: If you haven't read after story for HW 7, please do so now from here!

The Underworld

When you opened your eyes, you were on top of a tiny boat floating on a river.

You: “Where is this place...? I was fighting with Al, and we both fell...”

As you look around, you notice strange smell coming from the river.

You: “......!!!!”

That's right, this river looks like the same one as the one around the mine field. It's poisonous. You see skulls here and there.

You: “......!!!!”

About 30 feet away from you, you see what...used to be Al. He fell into the river, and within minutes, the poison destroyed his body.

You: “I would have been dead if I didn't fall on top of this boat...”

The Map

You: “Hm..what is this?”

You found a really old book on a boat. It looks like a map of this underground river.

You: “Hm, according to this map, the river seems to flow right under the Schenley mountain.

There is a drawing of something coming out from the mountain. Maybe that mountain used to be volcanic, and this river used to be the lava?”

As you flip pages, you see some interesting facts...

This mountain becomes active every few thousand years... The next time it will be active is probably around year 2010.

You: “That's like today! Hm...can I trust this?”

The Flow

All of sudden, you hear the underground shake.

You: “?????????”

And the river starts flowing, pushing your boat.

You: “Oh my god...maybe the volcanic activity is actually starting.”

You see a huge downhill in front of you, and the river's pushing your boat towards it. It reminds you of things you read about Earth - what was it called? - oh, yeah, “Splash Mountain”.

You: “Guess there's no going back...ahhhhhhhh!”


While you are being pushed by the stream, you see a bunch of rubies here and there.

You: Hmm, I don't know if I can get out of this place alive, but if I do, I will be super rich if I bring those rubies back!

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Assignment 8:
Planet Rails