Assignment 7: Mine Sweeper
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1. Mine Sweeper

Hello again!


In case you've forgotten, you are a college student jel. You have been working as a team member of Blitz.

You are about to explore Planet Rails with the map Mdel left for you.

The Map

Can be found here.

You first tried exploring Foggyside...but nothing seems too interesting here.

How about Giant Eagle Hill? Seems like all the giant eagles who used to live here are dead. You only see their bones...

To the Minefield

You: “I guess the only interesting place here is the mine field.” You remember that at the end of the mine field, there is an entrance to the cavern that houses lots of diamonds.

You cut through Ahoakland...according to the map, the mine field should be close by.

Mine Sweeper

When you finally reached the mine field, you see knee-deep grasses. In front, you see a sign with a skull drawn on it. Looks like this sign was created by Mdel and his explorers.

You: “this must be it”.

After you remove some grasses, you realize that there is some symbol drawn on the ground.

This means “zero” in English numerical system in the Earth. This probably means that there is 0 bomb around this square. I think I know how to navigate from now on.

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Your mission for this assignment is to solve this mine-sweeper game. But before solving, you will be building the minesweeper! Next Page

Assignment 7:
Mine Sweeper