Assignment 6: S.O.S, Part II
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1. Discover Planet Rails

Hello again!


In case you've forgotten, you are a college student jel. You have been working as a team member of Blitz.

You are alone in a dangerous planet called Planet Rails. You found a laptop left by a former Blitz member Mdel, who died in this planet while searching for diamonds.

You just finished writing a S.O.S. web page, hoping Ninjel, another Blitz member, will come rescue you.

The Discover Channel

Suddenly, the video starts playing on the laptop. You hear Mdel's voice again.

To help you survive in this planet, let me tell you a little bit about the surrounding area.

This cave is inside a mountain called Schenley Mountain. In front of it, there is a big crater called Fail Hole. This hole smells really bad near the bottom - it smells like CS majors who don't shower.

To the northeast of Schenley Mountain, there is an area called Foggyside. It's always dark over there. To the east, there is an area called Giant Eagle Hill, where a lot of extremely large eagles fly around.

To the west, there is a series of ancient buildings. We have no idea who built them. We call this area Ahoakland. There is a big monument built in the middle of this area, which we call "Pong Tower".

To the further west of Ahoakland, there is a huge, open field. Beyond that, there is a river flowing around the tip of the field. The river is actually very poisonous - it dissolves everything that touches.

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Assignment 6:
S.O.S, Part II