Assignment 6: S.O.S, Part II
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1. JavaScript -Based Map

Your task for this assignment is to create a web based map of a part of the Planet Rails.

If you recall from the last assignment, the map part of your HTML page was under construction. We will finish this page on this assignment.

Front End - 3 Components

If you remember from the last assignment, the front end of a web page has 3 components.

  1. Information - data and its meaning, controlled by HTML.
  2. Presentation - how data is presented, controlled by CSS.
  3. Action - how user can interact with the page, control by JavaScript.

In this assignment, we will explore 3. Action. We will modify information and presentation dynamically based on user's input.

JavaScript-Based Map

Our final map will look a lot like Google Maps.

Google maps uses JavaScript extensively to allow many actions, such as:

Most of these actions involve manipulating data and presentation (HTML/CSS) dynamically (while sometimes new data is requested from the server).

What we're going to do:

We will implement some subset of these functionalities, such as:

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Assignment 6:
S.O.S, Part II