Assignment 5: S.O.S, Part I
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1. The Launch

Hello again!


In case you've forgotten, you are a college student jel. You have been working as a team member of Blitz.

Finally Done!

Your spaceship to the earth Houki Boshi is finally complete. You are getting really comfortable with operating it, after testing hundreds of times.

As you finish your test drive, Al, the captain of Blitz, hands something to you:

Al: “XXX, thank you for all your hard work. I'd like to give this to you to prepare for tomorrow's official launch.

This is the official Blitz space helmet. It will work as a communication device between any Blitz members. It also provides oxygen when you are in space. This is now yours. Congratulations.”

You: “Thank you, captain.”

The Launch

Tomorrow's the day you will leave Neco and begin your journey to the earth. After much struggle, you are finally asleep, dreaming what's about to happen.

Next morning, 11:00 a.m. - the time for the launch is approaching.

King: “Please join me to congratulate the members of Blitz!”

Thousands of Jels are here to watch the launch of Houki Boshi. As they quiet down, three of you hop onto the spaceship.

“This is Al - is everything alright, both of you? Over.” You hear his voice through the brand new helmet. “This is XXX, everything's perfect. Over.”

Al: “We will launch in 30 seconds - Oha, begin count now. Over.”

Oha: “Roger - 30, 29, 28...”

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, zero.

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The three spaceships slowly move off the ground and begin journey to the earth.

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Assignment 5:
S.O.S, Part I