Assignment 4: RPG
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1. Auto Pilot

Hello again!


In case you've forgotten, you are a college student jel. You have been working as a team member of Blitz.

Almost Done!

The back end engineering of Houki Boshi, the spaceship, is almost done. It is now at the testing phase. Oha (one with a long hair) just hopped on to it and began flying the vicinity of Jel Kingdom.

You: Looks great!

Al: I agree - thanks for your hard work, XXX. You learned things really quickly - no wonder, you are from Carnegie Jellon.

You: Thanks captain. Oh, the king is here.

Danger Danger!

King: How's everyone doing?

Al: Excellent, sir. We are in the final phase of testing. We should be able to take off to the earth in about a week.

King: Great, how about you, XXX? How's working for Blitz?

You: It's fantastic. This was like my dream job.

King: Good. So what's left to do now? Looks like Oha is controlling Houki Boshi pretty seamlessly.

Al: Let me explain. Right now, we use an auto pilot system to navigate ourselves from our planet to the earth. We can manually control it, but for the most part, we let the auto pilot do the work.

However, the auto pilot system we've been using is very naive. It basically follows the straight path to the destination.

King: What's wrong with that?

Al: It cannot handle obstacles. For example, there is nothing an auto pilot can do if it were about to run into a cluster of stars.

It can only tell us that there's a danger. If we were sleeping at that moment, those stars will probably end us.

This sort of accidents has happened many times in the past - and we lost many explorers as a result. And earth, our destination, is quite far away. So we decided to improve this auto pilot system.

Al: The system we're building will navigate our spaceship correctly, calculating positions of obstacles.

King: Great! Yeah, we have lost so many Blitz members - we do not want any more accidents. Well, I'll leave you guys alone, thank you for your amazing work.

Al: It's our pleasure, sir.

Machine Learning

You: So captain, how does this new auto pilot system work? I am curious.

Al: I used artificial neural networks, using data from our previous explorations.

You: Hm... what is artificial neural networks?

Al: It's a simple machine learning algorithm. Let me explain.

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