Assignment 4: RPG
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1. Twitter

Al: Do you remember from assignment 1 that we have one of Blitz members stationed in the earth?

You: Yes, and his name is Ninjel.

Al: You probably remember that he used to send us updates from earth using signals. He recently stopped doing that.

You: Really? What happened?

Al: One day he decided to sign up to a service called Twitter. Apparently it's popular in earth. It is a service where you publish the answer to this question:

what you are doing?

in less than 140 characters. Well, so Ninjel decided to post updates on Twitter from now on. We need to follow Ninjel on Twitter.

You: Right, but how do we access to a web service in the earth?

Al: Ninjel set up a system where we can remotely connect to the internet on earth. This is a story anyway, don't ask too many details!'

What is RPG?

So the king has been following Ninjel. He told me that he often finds the word “RPG” on Ninjel's updates.

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The king is wondering what that word means. We have many langugae researchers who study languages used in earth, but none of them has seen the word RPG yet.

Your Task

Al: The king wants us to gather as many documents related to RPG from eath as possible, so our language researchers can figure out what it means.

You: Can't we just ask Ninjel?

Al: He does not want to tell us for some reason. Last time we contacted him, he said:

“I don't want king to know that I play games all the time...oh, oops, don't you dare tell him what I just said!”

Al: So I guess it's related to games? I dunno.

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