Assignment 3: The Facets of Ruby, Part II
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1. Music Library

Hello again!


In case you've forgotten, you are a college student jel...

Who just joined the team of explorers of the outer space, Blitz.

Your teammates and the current members of Blitz are Al and Oha. Al is the one with glasses. He is the captain of Blitz. Oha is the one with a long hair. He has recently joined Blitz and is a Ruby specialist.

The spaceship to be used to travel to earth is called Houki Boshi. It is fast and energy efficient.

However, due to the loss of an engineer who worked on Houki Boshi, the back end code that controls the spaceship is not yet completed.

Al, Oha, and You have been working very hard in a computer cluster to reach the code complete stage. You are becoming more and more familiar with programming in Ruby.


One time, Oha brought a very nice headphone to work.

You: “That's a nice looking headphone right there.”

Oha: “...”

You: Uh, he can't hear me...

Oha: "...oops, sorry, I didn't know you were talking to me. What's up?"

You: "Um, what are you listening?"

Oha: "Oh, South Radio Station...they have some nice songs from the earth. I really like techno music from there."

Al: “Hey guys, I have an idea. Since the journey to the earth will be long and boring, why don't we install a speaker and a music player to Houki Boshi?”

Oha: “That's an excellent idea. We can listen to a super loud music and won't bother anyone.”

Music Library

Al: “Cool. I was actually just engineering a very lightweight speaker system. I still need a back end that handles music library though.”

You: “I can take care of that. I think I know enough Ruby to code up a music library real quick.”

Al: “Excellent! Let's do that now, I have been bored out of my mind coding internals of Houki Boshi. I think we need some hack sessions.”

Oha: “I agree. Let's do this then!”

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Assignment 3:
The Facets of Ruby, Part II