Assignment 3: The Facets of Ruby, Part II
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1. What we will cover

We have a lot of background pages here. However, they aren't too bad. Let me go over what we will cover in this assignment.

Review of "Learning a new language"

Before diving into new stuff, let's refresh our memory. I listed 7 useful things to keep in mind when we learn a new programming language in the last assignment:

  1. Running and Debugging
  2. Types
  3. Scopes
  4. Memory Management
  5. Simple Data Structures (Lists and Maps)
  6. How OOP is done
  7. Good parts/Bad parts

We covered first 4 + Lists in the last assignment. However, we haven't got to Maps, OOP, and good parts of Ruby. We will learn about them in this assignment.

After this assignment

Aafter this assignment, we will have covered a little more than 250 pages on The Ruby Programming Language book (which is about 300 pages without counting references). You might even be able to put Ruby on "Skills" section on your resume if it wasn't already there.


Use Google for help. I usually type "Ruby" followed by the class name like this:

Ruby Array

Then you will get to official documentation page, which is what we want.

Using irb

Every time you want to test something small, use irb, a command line interface where you can type one line of Ruby at a time.

Forgot how to use it? Read this.

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Assignment 3:
The Facets of Ruby, Part II