Assignment 2: The Facets of Ruby, Part I
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1. Welcome to the Castle

Hello again!

In case you've forgotten, you are a college student jel, studying Computer Science at Carnegie Jellon University in the west side of the kingdom.

You have successfully completed your interview to become one of the crew members to explore Earth, a planet far away from where you live.

Offer Letter

A week after your last interview, you've received an offer letter from the Kingdom, welcoming you to be a member of the crew.

Welcome Aboard, XXX. We're proud to have you as a member of “Blitz”, brave future explorers of the outer space.
We would like you to visit our Castle and stay for couple weeks so you can get a formal training.
Hope to see you soon! -Jel King

“I cannot believe this is happening to me!”

Going to the Earth was one of your dreams. Now the dream has come true!

Welcome to the Castle

Couple days later - you've packed up your clothes and are ready to roll for the crew training.

The castle is located in the warmest region in the planet Neco, unlike where Carnegie Jellon U. is. Lots of sunshine too.

When you're about to cross the bridge to get to the castle, you find your interviewer, a scientist from Jel Kingdom waiting for you.

The Scientist says, “Hello! Great to see you again. Welcome to the Castle!”

“Thanks again for inviting me to the training.” As you say so, the two enters the castle...

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Assignment 2:
The Facets of Ruby, Part I