Assignment 1: They Speak Java
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1. Planet Neco and Jels

In a galaxy not too far away from the Earth, there was a beautiful planet, called “Neco.” Its surface was covered by beautiful green trees and clear blue sea.

Neco is the home of many organisms. The most predominant and civilized species are called “Jel.” Jels are blob-like thingy who are about the size of small laptops.

They are intelligent and peaceful. They love chatting, afternoon coffee, and sleeping 12 hours a day.

Jels have formed a kingdom in the warmest area in Neco, and about 8,000,000 jels live in its suburbia.

Recently, their department of homeland security and space administration found out the existence of the Earth and Humans.

According to the report (Wikipedia), “Earth is home to millions of species, including humans. Earth is the only place in the universe besides Neco where life is known to exist. The planet formed 4.54 billion years ago, and life appeared on its surface within a billion years.

The most intelligent known species are Humans. They walk using two legs. They have developed magical technologies that let themselves fly the sky, sail the ocean, communicate with anyone, anywhere on the planet, and cure diseases we can't cure.”

This news have spread throughout the kingdom, and everyone became interested in knowing more about Earth and Humans.

Your Journey

You are a college student jel, studying Computer Science at Carnegie Jellon University in the west side of the kingdom.

Just like all other cool jels, you are very interested in learning more about Earth and Humans. You have read all the books published about humans, dogs, birds, and cockroaches. At the school, you're taking how to dance like humans as an elective course - you are so interested in the planet far far away from Neco.

“I wish,” you say, “I could visit Earth one day.”

A Letter

One day, you received a letter from your professor at college.

“Hi XXX, I heard from the king that he is assembling a team of elite scientists to explore Earth. He said he is still in the process of recruiting and wondering if I know anyone I could recommend.
I have known you for a while, and you have been an excellent student of me. I mentioned the king your name, and he asked me if you would be available for an interview.
Sincerely, Prof. Jel Ahn”

“Yes!” You almost jumped for a joy. “This must be once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!”

You immediately contacted the kingdom and scheduled an interview for the following week.

“mm...I can't wait for the interview!”

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Assignment 1:
They Speak Java